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The most effective way to boost your dancing skills. Learn the best tricks and the hidden secrets of the dancers attitude, posture, leading and following.

Let’s go intensive.

What's our Intensive Workshop about?

Is our most classical workshop where we focus on mastering the dance style  we choose every month, it could either be Bachata or Salsa.

We really break things down and work hard, it also gives us the opportunity to focus deeply on many important subjects of the dance as we have two hours and a half to be working with you. 

Ready to get a real boost in your dancing career? Let’s go.

Who is this class for?

  1. Beginner dancers who know the basics of Salsa and Bachata
  2. Improvers dancers who want to gain more knowledge
  3. Intermediate dancers who want to stand out from the crowd
  4. Advanced dancers willing to master the dance style and attitude

What is required?
You need to be comfortable on the Salsa and Bachata timing and have a basic understanding of your footwork basics.

What is the content of the class?
Every month we bring you a different workshop, so this is relative. We want to offer you as many opportunities as we can, that’s why we will be teaching different workshops every month and bring you different teachers during our academic year. Keep updated every month.

Back to burning the floor with our Salsa Footwork for 2 hours. Covering different timing, body movements, playing with musicality, working the technique, and much more….

Our Workshops are a very special way and effective to learn

Time: 19:00 to 21:00 at Flow Dance OVAL

The most effective way to boost your dancing skills. Learn the best tricks and the hidden secrets of the dancers’ attitude, posture, leading, and following. Let’s go intensive!