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Keep up your progress with our Salsa and Bachata group lessons: Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday learn new moves and techniques. Have fun and meet new people.

Wednesday’s group lessons have a duration of one and a half hours.

From 19:30 – 23:30

Who is this class for?

  1. Absolutely beginners who want to get into Salsa.
  2. Beginners dancers who want to keep learning the fundamentals
  3. Improvers dancers who are passionate to keep learning more.
  4. Intermediate dancers who want to stand out from the crowd
  5. Advanced dancers who are willing to add more flavour to their dance.
When and where?
Running on Thursdays from 19:30 – 23:30
Located in the Loft (Old Spitafields Market)

What is the content of the class?
During this class, we learn new partnerwork figures every week, respecting the dance styles, body posture and timing. It is composed of:

  • 60 min to work on Salsa Partnerwork
  • 25 min to work on Salsa Social Dancing

The goal is to master the style, every week learn new steps, combinations with technique, footwork, posture and frame, body movement, musicality, and much more…

WATCH VIDEOS ABOUT OUR LESSONS HERE: youtube.com/carboneroacademy