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Welcome to Cumbayé, where we encourage everyone to pursue the best version of themselves, our philosophy is connecting people through Latin dance and self expression.

We are here to help with your dance journey, motivate and mentor you with your dance goals and bring out the best in you as a dancer. Join a beautiful community of people that love dancing passionately and want to push their boundaries and make their dreams come true.

If you are looking to get quality training with motivated people, a good mentor that can lead you further, experience as a performer, learn how to use the stage and more then this is for you, remember we have fun and travel with the team, but we also work hard and need your commitment to be part of the team at least for one season.

The director of Cumbayé is Daniel Carbonero and he will be personally leading and supervising all our teams together with his dance partner Ayesha Chan. Enjoy this unique opportunity to have Daniel supporting you as your mentor and take advantage of his years of experience as choreographer, professional dancer, performer and competitor.

Enrollment Day (Sunday 27th January 2024) Starting from 12 pm to 1 pm at Flow Dance Studios in Oval. Join our welcome session where you will get to know us better, ask us questions, understand what we stand for and the plans and goals for our dance teams.

We have different teams that you can join depending on your dance level and the style of dance (Salsa or Bachata) that you want to be training for:

All our training classes will be structured in order to maximise your learning experience. We value strong foundations and we know that knowing your basics are key to enjoying this journey and express yourself better. All our shows will include “Partnerwork” and “Footwork/Shines” so be ready to work with a partner and individually.

We recommend to join the teams in addition to our weekly classes that will provide you with a much clearer understanding and different techniques as leading and following when dancing with a partner or finding flow and flavour when dancing individually.

With that said, we can’t wait to welcome you all to join our family and this new project filled with dedication, true professionalism and love.

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Our most advanced team, to be part of our professional team you have to be selected by our director or recommended. You will be the real representation of Cumbayé spirit and style, demostrating true professionalism and the power you must have on the stage. If you think that you have the level and attitude that we require in our professional team and would love to work with us send us an email at cumbayeofficial@gmail.com