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Carbonero Academy was established in 2018, by Daniel Carbonero in London. The goal was to create a dance community that is professionally trained and developed in a healthy and humble environment.

We are leaders in the UK Latin dancing industry, specialising in Salsa and Bachata classes. We use the best dance studios in London and provide you with dance classes that guarantee the best results in your dancing journey.

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All our dance classes are structured to provide you with the best experience and tools to guarantee your progression.


Our dance teachers are highly trained with years of experience. We care about quality learning, technique and improvement


Meet other dancers, and enjoy our fun, safe and friendly community. Join dance events and international festivals

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Daniel Carbonero

Our founder

Born in Málaga, Spain. Known as a professional dancer, choreographer, model, and actor. Also a qualified teacher and CEO of Carbonero Academy.

Dancing since he was 6 years old, the last twenty-one years have consisted of dance competitions, dance training, acting, modeling and teaching different dance styles such as Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, and Bachata.

Since he moved to London in 2016, he has dedicated his time to building up his dance academy, performing on the best stages, acting, and taking part in different movies. He teaches private lessons to his most committed students and has been an artist at the most recognised events and dance festivals around the United Kingdom.

Daniel continues to be committed to learning and developing himself as a dancer, with the aim of providing greater value to his academy and those he teaches. He’s passionate about changing people’s lifestyles and bringing happiness and motivation to their lives.

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